Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RS Clone

Finally down to the last little tweaks.
Crossover setup came out to 350hz and 2000hz with a 3rd order alignment. I did add a few DB at 36hz to extend the frequency range from an F3 of 52hz to ~40hz. Overall the sound is amazing, full and clear.
The rest of the pictures can be found here. Click


DQ said...

Love the speakers & the way you have shown them on the web. I am a complete beginner wanting to build a set of 3 way speakers for my sons 18th in april next year. I see the biggest challenge being the 3W XO as I have no experience in electronics, and a limited knowledge of audio, can you suggest how I can find out how to design the XO

Ken said...

Thanks for the feed back. I currently use a crossover program called BassBox 6. It's pretty nice for a beginner because it has a large manual that not only shows how to use the program but also the the pieces that you need to know about crossovers and how they work.

There are some free programs out there that work good well. They are just a little less user friendly.

LT said...

Nice speakers!