Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Half Pipe Center Channel Speaker

Half Pipe is the latest speaker that I finished for the theater. It was mainly created as a low cost time saving project.
All the drivers are from older projects and the box was made from a new technique. This technique cut cost and time for the building of the box. The box is made up of multiple layers of Quik-Tube glued together, this gives it the rounded back look. The rest of the box was made from scrap material (plywood).
The woofer is a Vifa 8" P21, the mid is a Vifa 5.25" P13 and the tweeter is the Dayton Audio ND20-neo. Because of the small volume of the box, the speaker had to be sealed. The Q is rather high (.9) but does not sound boomy at all. The center is crossed over at 80hz to the sub, this helped on the lower octaves.
Overall the sound is nice and smooth and it only took 7.5 hours to complete. I may be making a pair of towers of the same configuration.

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